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Head Teacher:                          Rona Bernstein
Depute Head Teacher:              Emma Nicholson
Principal Teachers:                   Lindsey McBride
                                               Richard McKean
Class Teachers:                        Louise Mooney P1a
                                               Dawn Fulton P1b
                                               Lindsey McBride P2
                                                Jenna Wilson P3/2
                                                Lauren Hay P3
                                                Kim Pacitti/ Claire McLaughlin/Carolyn Clokey P4/3
                                                Sarah Campbell P4
                                                Louise Welch/Carolyn Clokey P5
                                                Richard McKean P6/5
                                                Margaret Duffy P6
                                                Diane Campbell/Diane Fraser P7
Clerical Assistant:                     Colette Reid
                                                Helen McColgan
                                                Carol Ralston
Pupil Support Assistants:           Elizabeth Douglas
                                                Rose Mockler
                                                Sandra Ward
                                                Diane Burns
                                                Christine Gillon
                                                Agnes McAllister
                                                Ann McCambley
                                               Jackie Campbell
Janitor:                                    Ricky McLean
Cleaning Staff:                         Andrea O’Malley
                                                Kate Pike
Dining Staff:                            Jackie McGregor
                                                Alison Campbell
                                                Margaret Convery
                                                Linda Forbes
Breakfast Club Staff:                   Carol McVeigh
                                                Andrea O’Malley
                                                Jackie McGregor

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